Dear faster,

Fasting groups are happen in Tingwick (Danville) Rocan old farm, at 1063 Allison Way. It would be my pleasure to assist you in this beautiful process.

My passion is still to help people to improve their health by fasting, I continue my dash and as in years past, here is my new schedule for 2010-2011 It will give me great pleasure to accompany you in a fast at one of these places. You can choose from a 10 day (7 days fasting - 3 days recuperation) to a 28 day stay (21 days fasting - 7 days recuperation) to your convenience. Bring your friends. Make your reservation early. To make reservation or for information, contact me at :

Tel: (514) 256-0655
or (450) 446-0011 (vocal box) 
Courriel : Click here


Important note: " I don't take any responsability for fasts made in without my supervision. I do not supervise any fast by telephone or email".

Adèle Arsenault