"Testimony in song" from the album "De terre et d’eau" by Calixte Duguay, writer-composer-performer, N.B. Calixte is also a fasting person and wrote this song "Autant que de l'hirondelle" specifically for Adele. (if the song does'nt  start automatically, click to listen)

"I'm fine. I still have not taken medication for acidity problems. I keep my healthy weight and I maintain my new eating habits. My fast will forever remain an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Thank you again for your comforting presence and your supervision. " Rolland Choquett

"I've rediscovered the joy of laughter ... How amazing" E.Josse


"I had forgotten that it was so good" - Charles Lacroix


"Before my fast, my weekends were spent in the waiting room, of the hospital, Since my fast, I'm spending them hiking in the mountains." Brigitte Boudreau


"Until 60 years old, I took a lot of medication, up to more than a $1000.00 per year. Since I fasted 4 1/2 years ago, I haven't taken even an aspirin. I got back my health and my love of life." Louis Léger


"For me, fasting was an important turn around in my life, I have received wonderful health benefits and especially a new awareness in my life, as much on a moral basis as on a spiritual one. " Guy Lussier


"Fasting : the summit of fullfillement, its the most beautiful experience of my life." Caroline Bussière


"I am no longer afraid that illness may take control of my life, I've discovered that my body has the power to heal itself, to regenerate itself. How great a security." Céline Roy


"Fasting : a unique tool on the road of life, to help recuperate ones health, body, mind and soul. To touch the beauty of the core of our being. Peace and truth, a meeting with ones true self." Robert Bonser


Other testimonies


"Youpiiiii!!! Hypoglycemia it is finished!! Thank you Adele to create us a place to renew our body and our spirit. Thank you to have chosen a collaborator such as Gloria. I leave not only relieved of a few kilos and sores, but also the process of cure of a large wound of the heart was complementary. It is a release on all the levels! Moreover, I am convinced that my objective that I had fixed myself at 15 years is assured: that to imitate Rabbit Jack and to make ski touring at 100 years! Thank you very much both, for your good care. Much love, recognition and gratitude." Arlette des Neiges." September 2004


"Hello Adele You remember that I made a fast to stop smoking ???? And well it goes. I think of you each time I want to smoke !!!!! For those and those which want to stop smoking I can really confirm that the fast is an effective and easy way. I know what I speak: I smoked two packages of cigarettes per day and I had tested all the separate or combined methods: hypno-patche-therapy-zyban-auriculo. Good news, in 3 months I saved 1.000$, which will defray a voyage this winter and a hydro-relaxation weekend... " D.Malacort. Summer 2004


"In silence and loneliness, I heard Essence." L.Balassa


"You know Adèle, the benefit of the fast appear day after day,especially on the Soul’s levels. I feel different, renovated, more trustful and, extraordinary thing, the joy returned in my heart after a long absence. I allot that to the introspection which is the fast. I adore. I will repeat for sure." Denis Levesque


"You offered me a very beautiful gift by guiding me towards the wellbeing and that which I offer to you in my turn, is not to have started again to smoke!!! Thank you." Diane Moreau


«Fasting to reestablish the harmony between body mind and soul»
Anselm Arïem