The fasters' night is usually interspersed with periods of light sleep followed by periods of autolysis. Thus, the morning is a favorable moment to rest and repose.


At around 9 o'clock, Mrs. Arsenault quietly begins the room visits, ensuring the well-being and the security of all fasters. This one on one chat with an experienced supervisor gives you the opportunity to ask your questions, share your experience and receive the adequate support and advice.


Although a fast must be undertaken while in a complete state of rest, a short discussion period is granted in the living room, from 10 o'clock until noon, so that the fasters can meet and discuss in tranquility, if desired.


The afternoon follows, inviting the faster to continue at rest, in bed as much as possible, so that the organism can preserve its energy and redirect it towards the cleansing and repairing of the body's tissues.


Later on in the evening, from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock, a second short discussion period is allowed, for those who wish, before slipping under the bedsheets for the night.